Slow progress



Things are slowly ticking over, some days not at all. most days, really… I should write more, but it’s hard to get motivated for it. Why can’t ideas just flush out of your head and be ready straight away? 

Have discovered reddit. Quite hooked, because it’s full of weird people, mostly unlikeable, but there’s some nice people there too. I promise i’ll do more writing! soon! promise!


bit tired, but not enough to go to bed


Games! Games Games Games!


I caved recently and bought Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. 

Everyone was saying that it was too short, and it is really short – it’s really just a demo of what’s to come next year, in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – but it’s so fun and full of so much detail and all these little wonderful things. I think it’s probably the best Metal Gear game. it’s only short, but it’s too much fun. 

I’ve also got my first review game, too – Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, for the 3DS – and that’s fun, too. So many games about at the moment! 

I’ve also got uni work to do, but, you know… it’ll get done, soon. 

I’m also excited for a Doctor Who writing competition for The Temporal Logbook, who are releasing a Doctor Who book for charity, and need eleven short stories from unknown writers. you have until June 28th, so give it a go! but don’t write an Eighth Doctor story. I’m writing one.


window is currently open

Remember How I Said I Was Going To Put Some Videogame Stuff Up On Here?



I never got round to doing any practice articles! oh no! never mind. 

You can read the real ones now though, so that’s just as good! I have two up at the mo, and they are here. I hope you enjoy them. 

other than that, not much to say, really. I’m afraid you picked a boring blog to read…


I found out that I can delay posts to be published at a more appropriate time, but on this version or WordPress I can’t work out how to do it.

I should really stop updating this at silly o’clock in the morning…


But I got accepted to write for a games website! I’m starting on news pieces. Well excited!

I don’t start tomorrow, but i’m going to get into the swing of things by writing news pieces on here each day until I start for TheGamersHub – the site i’m writing for, here, opening soon – so for any video game fans who read this, I hope you enjoy my news posts, and if you could offer any opinions i’d be well happy. 

Anyway, sorry to wake you – except for S.R. Carillo, who’s probably my favourite blogger, because she lives in America. So I only interrupted her Tea (or Dinner? I’m not 100% on the American word for evening meal). 

Ridley Scott was going to design the Daleks!


Somehow I’ve managed to write on here without a Dalek showing up. here they are –


(Image from Wikipedia)

I chose the new colourful Daleks for this post as they are my favourite ones – I can see why people didn’t like them but when they came on screen for the first time (in ‘Victory of the Daleks’) I was well excited. they looked so cool! and they were brutal!

anyway, enough about why I love the colourful Daleks. I found out ages ago that Ridley Scott (Directed Alien, Prometheus, other films…) was working at the BBC when the Daleks were being designed, and was originally commisioned to design them. He was busy, as he was working on something else at the time, so the job passed over to Raymond Cusick, and we got the Daleks that we love. I’ve wanted to use this in an article for months, but I couldn’t fit it in anywhere, so I decided to put it on here. Maybe you heard it here first! How cool would that be!? I’d be proud.

Even cooler is that there is a competition to win a story you wrote read by WAWRICK DAVIS!! cool!! (He was also in a Doctor Who story, written by NEIL GAIMAN!! I love that I’m a fan of loads of things, because it means that they always end up merging together…) I’ll link the Youtube video here, so you can get all the details. Have fun!


I’ve become obsessed by Crash Course videos on Youtube, that teach you big subjects in about ten minutes. Here’s a link, but be careful, as they are very addictive!

I want to write about videogames


I’ve been doing some video game articles for WhatCulture, though none of them have been published. Despite this I have really liked writing them.

I’ve decided that this is what I want to do in the future, so, as well as my fiction writing, I’m going to be writing and researching a lot more about videogames. I might be a staff writer at a gaming site soon, i have to send them some articles, but hopefully they accept me, and I can start building to my new career goal. should be fun!

like I said earlier, I’m still fiction writing, but I want Video game writing to be what keeps the bread on the table. Better get working – I’ve got a lot of work to do…


I keep forgetting about this site, but I’m trying to remember. Promise! 

Busy Bee!


I’ve been doing a lot while I’ve been away – from here, I mean. My brother, Sean, has been making a film, which I have been helping out with. the film is called Epistemic, and they are funding it via Kickstarter. more info can be found here.

as well as that, I’ve got some writing to do. two of the projects are secret ones for people I know, and the others are articles and little ideas, as well as working on my book. very busy indeed.

S.R. Carillo, the coolest and most helpful blogger ever, has nominated me for the Liebster Award. She also has a book out, which you can buy here or here.




1. Link back to whoever nominated you

2. Answer their ten questions

3. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers, who have less than 400 followers, for this award.

4. Give them ten questions to answer

5. Let them know via their own blog that you have nominated them

Here are the questions I was given:

1. How important is the title of a book?

Not too important. I always change titles around. Though I might be wrong, i’m still learning about all of this!

2. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

I live by the coast at home, and it’s very windy there. Here in Liverpool, it’s windy as well. So if I could paint with the colours of the wind, It’d be a crazy, huge painting.   

3. Pets! Cats. Dogs. Ferrets. Chinchillas. Have any household furbabies?

Charlie, a Border Collie. I love him a lot.

4. Any favorites among the classics? Shakespeare? The Brontë sisters? Etc.?

Not really – I haven’t read many classic books, or listenened to classical music. Played a lot of classic videogames, though. 

5. How do you feel about space travel?

If it was on a huge spaceship where you could wander about, I’d love it. I don’t think I’d like to travel in a small spaceship, like they have now. I want a space ferry or starship. But going into space would be amazing!

6. Do you watch the movie then read the book – or read the book then watch the movie?

I wanted to read Cloud Atlas and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo before seeing them at the cinema, and in both cases I missed the showings because I still had a lot of the book left to read. I think, next time, I’ll watch the movie first. I watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World before I read them, and that’s my favourite film.  

7. Fuck! Darn! Should characters curse?

Yes, because it’s normal language. I can’t write swearing well, though. every time I try, it sounds wrong, like i’m putting it in to sound edgy or dangerous. I hate people who think that swearing is still a rebellious thing to do. 

8. Your ideal writing space – lots of noise and clutter or serene and isolated?

I like small spaces for writing, and writing in a notebook is best when you’re in a cafe. I don’t know why, but cafe’s are nice places to write things.

9. Pandas and penguins. Love ‘em or leave ‘em?

They’re alright. My favourite animals are Foxes and Sheep.

10. What’s the one genre you can’t stand – or simply don’t care for?

 Military books can be boring, and I don’t like the army. Thrillers are fun, but when it’s too army focused, it gets boring. 


There you go. My nominations for the Liebster award are:

1. James Eik – Writer and Photographer

2. Science Quarks and Quirks

3. Weezknits, who knits things

My ten questions:

1. Why did you start a blog?

2. How did you get into your speciality subject? 

3. Tea or coffee, or neither?

4.  Working on anything big at the moment?

5. Any pets?

6. Favourite book/film/video games

7. Why can’t I think up any interesting questions?

8. How often do you add to your blog?

9. What takes up most of your time?

10. Who would you like to meet from the past?

There you go. have fun!


Listening to the Cloud Atlas soundtrack, and while writing this it went form track 1 to track 7.